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Fucking mugged!

2008-11-06 22:34:23 by Rideo

That's what I get for asking a hobo for directions. Fucker!

: 140.00 :(

I can't believe it's not butter

2008-08-04 23:34:00 by Rideo

Fuck, Woody Allen was in my butter, again!

I can't believe it's not butter

As far as I'm concerned

2008-07-26 00:50:49 by Rideo

If you don't believe evolution exists, you are a downright moron.

Heyeah thanks mike.

2008-06-24 19:05:53 by Rideo

"After all, thats why we smoke all day every day... because its something different"

Quitting tobaccy

2008-06-13 19:08:48 by Rideo

It's been 7 days since my last cigarette. I've gone cold turkey since I had become a down right chain smoker.

I can't believe how much I want a cigarette right now

I have weed, really good weed too which will get me higher and I'll have more fun with, but I'd rather have a cigarette.

Oh to be able to enjoy the nice smooth taste of a cigarette I rolled myself, with some nice moist Bali shag, that would be heaven.

Edit: P.S. I have three double hits of acid, I plan to take them all at once tomorrow.

So I got a new job

2008-06-03 14:28:09 by Rideo

Probably the best job I've ever had and also pretty well paying. I'm the Console operator for the Imax dome at the science museum. 9.65 an hour and all I do is turn the equipment on, pick which movie to play, and then watch the movie (and I don't really have to watch, I spend the time reading mostly [with the use of provided gooseneck lamps] I'm thinking of buying a DS again to entertain myself through the shows).

You know it's probably the reason I don't smoke much pot anymore, I used to come home from a long day of work and just sit back and relax with my pipe and a nice album, but with this job when I get home I'm still full of energy since all I've done all day is sit and occasionally press a few buttons.

It's great, also the Imax dome is the largest theatre screen in virginia, so when an interesting movie comes on I get to see it bigger and clearer (it's HD of course) than I could anywhere else.

So I found a thong in my trashcan

2008-05-19 13:11:25 by Rideo

So last night me and a friend had a few beers (sol and copper hook) and jammed a little. He left around 12:30 and I went to bed. Then I awoke this morning and proceded through my usual morning routine (groggily get into bath and read book for an hour, then turn on shower, wash up quickly and get out to make breakfast).

As I was heating up some hash browns I decided to have an apple, I plucked off the stem and open the lid of my trashbin to throw it away, that's when I noticed something pink at the bottom of the trash can, I set the apple aside and reached down to retrieve it. Turns out it was a pink thong, I have absolutely no clue as to where it could have came from, I had only put that bag in there yesterday morning and the only person over was my friend who is male. Even if he was female, why would she just throw away her undies?

Quite perplexing.

So I found a thong in my trashcan

Pictures of my place

2008-04-14 13:31:16 by Rideo

I finally got some batteries for my camera so I decided to take some pictures of my new apartment. ure6824.jpg
My Bed ure6825.jpg
My floor, which is always a mess. That empty space in the top right corner of the pic will soon be filled with my drumset.

The Hallway to my bathroom and two closets (bathroom on right, main closet on left, mini closet in front).

My computer desk, that painting above it I bought here in Richmond, original work. I really like it.

// 28.jpg

Door s/Picture6829.jpg

My beautiful view ure6833.jpg

My lighting arrangement, I have no lamp in my room, just a long cable light stretched across the ceiling, at night my room has a very warm feeling. I like it a lot like this.


The living room, my roommate stoled the TV and put it in his room currently. I don't mind, I don't watch it much anyways. The painting seen here was done by me, my ex- best-friend rob, my ex girlfriend Ina may, and my sister Daniela (all but my sister can be seen in my profile pic).

http://use g

The other half of the living room. ture6832.jpg

And finally the kitchen.


She had a moist vagina

2008-03-27 22:30:06 by Rideo

I've been tickling the circumfrence
I've been sucking the walls of her anus


2008-02-20 18:12:10 by Rideo

I've moved into my new place in Richmond. I moved in like 5 days ago, but haven't had internet till now. Maybe I'll post some pics.