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As far as I'm concerned

2008-07-26 00:50:49 by Rideo

If you don't believe evolution exists, you are a downright moron.


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2008-07-26 01:31:52


Umm... You live in America, right? Right. Did you ever see that label on the back of bills and coins that says, "In God We Trust"? Yeah, look at that, and say that the U.S. Mint, the source of all your currency and income, and say that they are morons.

By the way, keep your opinion to the politics forum.

Rideo responds:

Oh gee did you really think I've never seen that. Did you also think evolution conflicts with all theism?

This is my userpage I can post my own opinion here you ignoramus.


2008-07-26 06:38:27

im a moron biatch