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Entry #14

Fucking mugged!

2008-11-06 22:34:23 by Rideo

That's what I get for asking a hobo for directions. Fucker!

: 140.00 :(


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2008-11-06 22:43:44

the hobo can burn in hell >:( i will kill him>:D

Rideo responds:

More violence on the streets wouldn't resolve the problem. That's why I called the police on him, let him feel the strong arm of the law!


2008-11-07 06:54:43

that will be your last strand of trust for the homeless


2008-12-07 15:18:13

Did the police come? Try moving away from the neighborhood you were mugged in.

(Updated ) Rideo responds:

No, but I found some at a stop light, they never found him though, it's been like a month so I don't think they really ever will.


2008-12-07 20:25:02

Why would you expect a hobo to not mug you?


2009-02-07 14:37:52

throw Penneys and run


2009-12-16 12:41:48

Prove it further.


2010-01-08 06:33:52

My cousin got mugged in Mexico.

Some guy reached into his pocket so my cousin hit him, then a minute later some cops came and picked him up and drove him to an ATM. They guy ended up getting his camera and the cops got like $500.