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I am so envious right now

2008-02-11 21:22:22 by Rideo

My friend and I were talking online, he's moved down to richmond already and is living with a friend of ours until the apartment we're getting together is ready for us to move in (a couple more days!).

I mentioned how I had not smoked in so long and he just sent me this picture of his jar in return.
(there are more pictures too, he has more outside of that D:)

I am so envious right now

I have frequent insomnia, usually I'll take a sleeping pill or tylenol PM if I absolutely have to go to sleep soon (like if I have to wake up early the next day and want energy). But we're almost out of Tylenol PM so I decided to take the left over flexeril I got from my car crash.

I took one and waited half an hour, nothing happened, took another (these are 10mg pills btw), waited another hour, by then it was already 1:20am, so I took one more and finally got to sleep an hour later. Today though, I slept in until 130pm, took a shower, and went back to sleep. After it got started apparently that stuff just doesn't quit.

I had an overpowering fatigue up until 9:30 pm; until that point I was just sleeping or trying to get up unsuccessfully.

Feels like a wasted a whole day, which I guess I did. I still got like 2 pills left, but I'll probably never use em, way too strong.


2008-02-06 21:12:39 by Rideo

Everything is better, just like that.


2007-12-16 01:58:10 by Rideo

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