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Quitting tobaccy

2008-06-13 19:08:48 by Rideo

It's been 7 days since my last cigarette. I've gone cold turkey since I had become a down right chain smoker.

I can't believe how much I want a cigarette right now

I have weed, really good weed too which will get me higher and I'll have more fun with, but I'd rather have a cigarette.

Oh to be able to enjoy the nice smooth taste of a cigarette I rolled myself, with some nice moist Bali shag, that would be heaven.

Edit: P.S. I have three double hits of acid, I plan to take them all at once tomorrow.


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2008-06-13 19:36:27

OMG acid is fun. And if you have 3 double hits of GOOD acid.. then I hope you have someone to lookout for your ass tomorrow... :P

Rideo responds:

I was planning on doing it alone, or splitting it up and doing it with one other person. I can't be around people who aren't tripping when I'm tripping. I get all paranoid and self-concious.