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Heyeah thanks mike.

2008-06-24 19:05:53 by Rideo

"After all, thats why we smoke all day every day... because its something different"


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2008-07-18 20:27:42

Makes sense I guess...

Rideo responds:

No it doesn't, that's why I put a sarcastic "thanks mike" as the title. I found this as a comment left by some idiot (mike) on an article (it was a pretty good article) about marijuana law reform in california I believe. I thought it was just such a stupid comment and made cannabis users look stupid.


2008-07-20 02:25:14

Very retarded indeed. I agree with your comment response above this.


2008-07-23 22:03:14

does this mean you quit?

Rideo responds:

Of course not, just because other people are idiots doesn't mean that smoking is a stupid habit. I did quit cigarettes though.