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So I found a thong in my trashcan

2008-05-19 13:11:25 by Rideo

So last night me and a friend had a few beers (sol and copper hook) and jammed a little. He left around 12:30 and I went to bed. Then I awoke this morning and proceded through my usual morning routine (groggily get into bath and read book for an hour, then turn on shower, wash up quickly and get out to make breakfast).

As I was heating up some hash browns I decided to have an apple, I plucked off the stem and open the lid of my trashbin to throw it away, that's when I noticed something pink at the bottom of the trash can, I set the apple aside and reached down to retrieve it. Turns out it was a pink thong, I have absolutely no clue as to where it could have came from, I had only put that bag in there yesterday morning and the only person over was my friend who is male. Even if he was female, why would she just throw away her undies?

Quite perplexing.

So I found a thong in my trashcan


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2008-05-19 13:15:38

Maybe it was a reverse panty raid. Instead of going into a house stealing underwear they go to a house and put underwear somewhere inside.

Or maybe you are a sleep cross dresser.


2008-05-19 18:50:20

So did you ask your friend about them?

Rideo responds:

Yeah, as I suspected it wasn't him.


2008-05-21 00:54:19


Rideo responds:

It smelled like an ashtray.


2008-06-03 00:41:18



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